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Four Seasons I
Four Seasons II
Four Seasons III
Four Seasons IV
Still Life with Gree...
Still Life with Wine...
Still Life with Cand...
Magnolia Lace I
Magnolia Lace II
Stripe & Check Still...
Bouquet I
Bouquet II
Exotic Urn Collectio...
Still Life with Bati...
Landscaped Still Lif...
Antique Pottery
Weekend Plans
To Find Beauty
Lydia's Bouquet
Calla Collection
Blue Mill Creek
Coast That Way
Distant Marsh
Patient Egret
Fresh Water Egret I
Fresh Water Egret II...
Solitude II
Solitude I
Whisper Bay I
Bayside II
Coastal Encounter II...
Coastal Encounter I
Bouquet For Alice
Bouquet For Dahlia
Bouquet For Camille
Bouquet For Moira
Archival Pottery 3
Archival Pottery 4
Archival Pottery 1
Archival Pottery 2
Bright Vase
Bright Pitcher
Bright Flowers
Bright Lemons I-Blue...
Bright Lemon II-Blue...
Bright Scene
Bright Lemons I-Red
Bright Lemons II-Red...
Bright Bowl
Blue Floral
Green Floral
Green Stripes
Neutral Stripes
Yellow Stripes
Blue Stripes
Sketch Floral
Sketch Detail
Yellow Anemones
Vivid Anemones
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