Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island,
New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania
David Asch
Phone: 732-446-6209 x-107
Fax: 732-446-6263
Cell: 732-740-6075
Territory: Central NJ; Philadelphia Metro, PA
Mary Augustin
267-249-0922 Cell
267-200-0249 Fax
Territory: South-Central, Northeast & Bucks County, PA; Southern NJ
Michelle Blaze
774-836-3143 Cell
732-446-6263 Fax
Territory: Southeastern Massachusetts; Rhode Island
Rick Brownlee
Cell: 908-507-7322
Fax: 571-313-0158
Territory: West Virginia, Maryland
Mary Beth Cabrey
603-475-1909 Cell
888-505-3799 Fax
Territory: Maine, New Hampshire and Northeast Massachusetts.
Denise Grandine
516-398-0372 Cell
516-249-4544 Fax
Territory: Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY
Kim Mallory
410-227-9145 Cell
410-604-0804 Fax
Territory: Delaware
Jaimi Meister
201-410-6023 Cell
201-677-1253 Fax
Territory:Northern New Jersey; NYC, NY
Jodi Skillin
716-867-4174 Cell
716-261-2134 Fax
Territory: Upstate NY NW
Lisa Pierotti
860-729-2888 Cell
860-256-6211 Fax
Territory: Western Massachusetts; Connecticut; Southern Vermont; Upstate New York Northeast (Albany/ Saratoga metro)
Marie Mateyunas
631-882-2526 Cell
631-204-6448 Fax
Territory: Select Accounts: Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY
Judy Thompson
412-860-1464 Cell
732-446-6263 Fax
Territory: Upstate NYNW; WPA
Lauren Hyman
617-605-6289 Cell
732-446-6209 Fax
Territory: Southeast MA; Rhode Island
John MacPhee
508-737-7938 Cell
732-446-6263 Fax
Territory: Southeast Massachusettes & Rhode Island
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