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Eastern Tapestry 3
Day Break 1
Day Break 2
Day Break 3
Day Break 4

Day Break 5
Day Break 6
Day Break 7
Day Break 8
Day Break 9

Late Winter
Cherry Springs I
Cherry Springs II
San Saba River

Strata I
Strata II
Floral Basket

Sparkling Pear
Taos Morning
Wild Sage
Fall Kaleidoscope I

Fall Kaleidoscope II...
Fall Kaleidoscope II...
Organic Movement I
Organic Movement II
Organic Movement III...

Summer Breeze II
Summer Breeze I
Touch Of Country
The Hills Beyond

The Main Barn
Memory Lane
Coming Together
Falling Water
Among The Clouds

Mystic Thoughts II
Mystic Thoughts I
Near The Falls
Flowers In The Cloud...
Early Spring

Coming Out For Sprin...
Sleeping Floral
Joy Of Spring
Fresh Face
Hovered Together


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