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Sand Dunes
Distant Lake
Park View I
Park View II

Raging River
Indigo Marsh I
Indigo Marsh II
Particle I
Particle II

Particle III
Particle IV
Willow Bay
Calming Tones
Twilight Creek II

Twilight Creek I
Twilight Creek III
Budding Branches
Archival Pottery 3
Archival Pottery 4

Archival Pottery 1
Archival Pottery 2
Color Frenzy
Balancing Act I
Balancing Act II

Angle Point I
Angle Point II
Stacks I
Stacks II
Midnight Silence

Lake Surface
Entangled I
Ocean Nights
Entangled II

Entangled III
Autumn River Mist
Cloud Over Land
Island Breeze I

Island Breeze II
Shore Break
Design Collage 1
Design Collage 2
Design Collage 3

Design Collage 4
Design Collage 5
Design Collage 6
Design Collage 7
Design Collage 8


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