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Quite Repeating
Lonely Drive
Yellow Ride
Cliff Fog
Morning View Across ...

Quite Boundary
Parallel Accessed
Season Closed

Big Timber Drive
Table & Chairs
Curve Right
Row Of Boxes
Field Shadows

The Light From Behin...
To soar
I Remember Learning
Dream Lake Cliffs
White Barn

Field Accordion
Empty Basket
Tree Row
Grass & Shadow

On Top
Far Calling
Forgotten Road
Lasting Magnificent

Road Closed
Greenland Crossing
Distant Rumble
Silent Faith

Travel Trailer
Morning Field
Scrub Oak Ridge
Dark Alley
Sounds Of Crying

Early Tracks
Morning Workers
16th Arches
Just Past Noon

Light Waiting
Are You Listening
Back Blue Steps
Civil Wait
411 Ride


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