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Tangerine Dust I
Tangerine Dust II
Full Circle
Golden Sunset

Soft Reflections
Hilltop View
Autumn Forest
Borders in Motion I
Borders in Motion II...

Oriental Garden
Renaissance Pears
Classic Pears
Quiet Rain
Bathed in Sunlight

Renaissance Land sca...
Golden Landscape
Lilly Pond

Purple Glow
Golden Vista 13
Golden Vista 12
Golden Vista 10
Golden Vista 11

Peras Divinas
Mountain Laurel I
Mountain Laurel II
Ruby Ridge

Peaceful Shore
Oriental Landscape I...
Oriental Landscape I...
Morning Light
Shadow Lake

Indigo Passages
Shimmering Lights
September Reflection...
Country Cottage

Orange Delight
Autumn Splender
Riverside Chateau II...
Shimmering Sunlight

Quiet Reflection
Sunlight Horizon
Autumn Aspen
After the Rain
In the Limelight

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