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Beaver Creek
Getting Ready
The Chase

Big Buffalo
Buffalo I
Chief I
Chief II

Looking West
Walking Through I
Walking Through II
Peaceful View

Shaded Path
Lavender Plain
View Through 03
View Through 09 Alte...
View Through 09

View Through 07
Cove with Umbrellas
Beach Party
The Beach Goes On
Aqua Balloons II

Aqua Balloons I
Blue Streak
Abstract Bird of Par...
Ocean 5
Ocean 6

Tempera Series X
Tempera Series XI
Map I
Map II
Wine Mural

Mountain Repeat 1
Mountain Repeat 2
Mountain Repeat 3
Mountain Repeat 4
Mountain Repeat 5

Mountain Repeat 6
Mountain Repeat 7
Mountain Repeat 8
Mountain Repeat 9
Camp Mohican I

Camp Mohican II
Solitary Boat
Strolling The City I...
Strolling The City I...
Strolling The City I...


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